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evive power jack input
DC Jack or Header Pins
Voltage range 5-30V DC

Power Input

evive li battery
2600mAh Li Ion battery
Upto 4.5 hours life

Inbuilt Battery

Arduino USB
USB B-Type
Power | Charging | Communication


evive power switch
Internal and External power modes

Power Switch

evive variable supply
Adjustable voltage output via knob
Upto 3A

Variable Voltage Supply

evive 5V power
Upto 3A

5V Supply

evive 3.3V power
Upto 800mA

3.3V Supply

Power and Charging LEDs


evive reset

Reset Switch

reverse polarity
Protection from reverse
polarity input

Reverse Polarity Shield

Overcurrent Protection
Protection from overcurrent
using resettable fuse

Overcurrent Protection

Overvoltage Protection
Protection from higher voltage
input than 30V DC

Overvoltage Protection

touch sensor arduino
12 Capacitive Touch Sensors

Touch Sensors

arduino joystick
5-Way Navigation Key


Two B103 Type Potentiometers


slide switch
Two 3 Position SPDT Switches

Slide Switches

tactile switch
Two Tactile/Push Buttons

Tactile Switches

tactile joystick tactile slide switch
2 Tactile Switches, 2 Potentiometers,
Joystick and 2 Slide Switches

Switches | Pots | Joystick

170Pins Solderless Breadboard
for Prototyping

Tiny Breadboard

tft 1.8 SPI
1.8" SPI based TFT, 160X128px
18-bit colour

TFT Screen

arduino tft menu
List of functions to perform tasks
like motor control, sensing

evive's Menu

arduino joystick
5-Way Navigation Key


arduino speaker buzzer
2kHz to 10kHz
Beeps, tones and melodies!


LED on Pin 13
Two bi-color LEDs


arduino motor
Directly plug upto 2 Motors
Max 1A/channel | Upto 30V

Plug Motors

arduino stepper
Any 4 wire Stepper Motor
Max 1A current rating

Connect Stepper Motor

Directly connect 2 Relays
Upto 30V

Switch Relays

Drive 2 Servos
Adjustable voltage upto 30V

Control Servos

motor driver
Port for 2 Motor Drivers
GND | 5V | PWM | Dir1 | Dir2

Attach Motor Drivers

Control 2 Solenoids
Upto 30V rating

Drive Pneumatics

voltage range
Compatibility for controlling
device rated for 1.25V to 30V DC

Voltage Range

Attach any number of Breadboards

Breadboard Mounts

plug and play
Directly Plug 2 motors, servos
solenoids, relays or stepper

Motors | Stepper | Servos

high speed ADC
±30V | ±5V | ±3A
Upto 75kHz | IC: ADE7912

Two 24-bit ADCs

arduino Oscilloscope
2 Channels | Upto 1kHz
Sensing range ±30V, ±3A

Mini Oscilloscope

YYMMDD, Day, hh:mm:ss
IC: PCF8563

Real Time Clock

arduino SD card
2GB to 32GB micro SD card

SD card slot

Sine, Square, Saw, Triangular waves
IIC interface | IC: MCP4725

12-bit DAC

3mA Accuracy
Range upto 3A


Upto 3mV Accuracy
Range upto ±5V/±30V


DMM cables
Two 4mm Banana plugs

Testing Leads

arduino iot wifi
For IoT applications

Wi-Fi Adapter

XBee adapter
Connect XBee to 10pin
2mm pitch headers

XBee Adapter

HC05 bluetooth
Compatible with HC05

Bluetooth Adapter

Arduino USB
USB B-Type
Upto 1M Baud rate


Arduino Xbee Wifi bluetooth
Adapters for XBee,
ESP8266-12E, HC-05

Wi-Fi | XBee | Bluetooth

arduino mega at heart
Powered by Arduino MEGA
2560 R3

Arduino MEGA

Atmel ATmega 2560
8-bit AVR CPU | 16MHz
5V VCC | Flash 256kB

ATmega 2560

Arduino digital pins
14+14 Digital I/O Pins

28 Digital I/O Pins

Arduino analog pins
6+4 Analog Input Pins

10 Analog Input Pins

Arduino pwm

12+3 PWM Pins

Arduino interrupt

6 Interrupt Pins

3.3v arduino
Bidirectional Logic level shifter
5V ↔ 3.3V

Two 3.3V Digital I/O

Arduino serial
3 Serial Ports
Upto 1M Baud rate

Serial Interface

Arduino I2C IIC

I2C Bus

Arduino SPI

SPI Communication

arduino shields
Stack Arduino UNO/MEGA shields
Note: Arduino UNO Pinouts

Shield Stack Space

evive size
Compact design
4mm mounting hole


evive size
Compact design


evive weight


mount holes
Mount evive with 4mm nuts
VESA compatible, 75mm apart

Mounting holes

For Longer life and preformance

Cooling vents