Atal Tinkering Lab (ATL) P1 Component List

Electronics DevelopmentArduino UNO R3Microcontroller ATmega32830Arduino Uno R3 ATL
Electronics DevelopmentArduino NanoMicrocontroller ATmega328P5
Electronics DevelopmentRaspberry Pi 3 Model B5Raspberry Pi 3 Model B ATL
Electronics DevelopmentSolderless 400 pin breadboard20Breadboard 400 Pin ATL
Electronics DevelopmentSolderless 800 pin breadboard800 or 840 pin breadboard10Large Breadboard
Electronics DevelopmentSelf Adhesive Proto Shield170 pin Mini Breadboard10Breadboard 170 Pins ATL
Electronics DevelopmentFR2 A Grade Material (140 x 90 mm)GPB: 140 x 90 mm20GPB FR2 A Grade Material Big
Electronics DevelopmentFR2 A Grade Material (80 x 55 mm)GPB: 80 x 50 mm20GPB FR2 A Grade Material atl
Electronics DevelopmentFemale Bergstick40pins, 2.54mm20Female Burgstick ATL
Electronics DevelopmentMale Bergstick40pins, 2.54mm20Male Burgstick ATL
Electronics DevelopmentLCD 16x21602AV32-5C10YL1-B5NG30LCD 16x2 1602AV32-5C10YL1-B5NG ATL
Electronics DevelopmentUSB Cable (A-B)30USB Cable
Electronics DevelopmentElectronics Kit15 x 220Ohm Resistor
10 x 1kOhm Resistor
15 x 10kOhm Resistor
10 x 4.7kOhm Resistor
10 x 1MOhm Resistor
1 x 9V Battery
5 x 1uF Capacitor
5 x 100uF Capacitor

Electronics DevelopmentLinear Voltage Regulator1 x 7805
1 x 7812
1 x 7809
307805 ATL
Electronics DevelopmentWater Pump 12V, 3W1evive pump 12V
Electronics DevelopmentPiezoelectric Plate 4 cm diameter20Piezoelelctric Plate 4 cm diameter ATL
Electronics DevelopmentMAX7219 Dot LED Matrix5MAX7219 Dot LED Matrix ATL
Electronics DevelopmentHC05 Bluetooth Module10HC05 Bluetooth Module ATL
Electronics Development7 Segment LED Display (4-Digit)47 Segment LED Display (4-Digit) ATL
Electronics DevelopmentSim800L GPRS Module3Sim800L GPRS Module ATL
Electronics DevelopmentGPS Module GY-NEO 6MV23GPS Module GY-NEO 6MV2 ATL
Electronics DevelopmentLaser Diode: 650Nm 6Mm 5V10Laser Diode 650Nm 6Mm 5V ATL
Electronics DevelopmentLDR Photosensetive Sensor Module30LDR Photosensetive Sensor Module ATL
Electronics DevelopmentKeypad 4x45Keypad
Electronics DevelopmentJoystick module4Joystick
Electronics DevelopmentBuzzer: Small5V50Buzzer Small ATl
Electronics DevelopmentBuzzer: Big5V30Buzzer Big ATL
Electronics DevelopmentMotor Driver L293dDIP 165Motor Driver L293d ATL
Electronics DevelopmentSound Playback Module (Voice recorder)5Sound Playback Module (Voice recorder) ATL
Electronics DevelopmentBO Motor, 6VSingle/Dual Shaft 50RPM12BO Motor
Electronics DevelopmentNode MCU5Node MCU ATL
Electronics DevelopmentVibrating Motor30Vibrating Motor ATL
Electronics DevelopmentAlligator Clips2.8mm100Aligator Clips
Electronics DevelopmentBattery Clip with DC JackDC Jack 2.1mm, 9V Battery Snap Connector20Battery Clip with DC Jack ATL
Electronics DevelopmentHookup Wires100m, Black+Red2Hookup Wires ATL
Electronics DevelopmentJumper Cables Male-Male40pin Strip, 20cm length600Jumper Cables
Electronics DevelopmentJumper Cables Male-Female40pin Strip, 20cm length300Jumper Cables
Electronics DevelopmentJumper Cables Female-Female40pin Strip, 20cm length150Jumper Cables
Electronics DevelopmentRGB LEDs5mm, 3-5V Range, DIP-4, Common Cathode100RGB LEDs ATL
Electronics DevelopmentLED (Red)3 or 5mm, 3-5V Range500LED Red White Yellow Green
Electronics DevelopmentLED (Green)4 or 5mm, 3-5V Range500LED Red White Yellow Green
Electronics DevelopmentLED (Blue)5 or 5mm, 3-5V Range500LED Red White Yellow Green
Electronics DevelopmentDiode Kit10 x Diode IN4007
10 x Zener IN4738
2Diode Kit ATL
Electronics DevelopmentTactile SwitchesPush Button, PTH, 6X6X13 (Red or Black)100Tactile Switches ATL
Electronics Development555 Timer ICDIP50555 Timer IC ATL
Electronics DevelopmentAtmega 16u2DIP5Atmega 16u2 ATL
Electronics DevelopmentMPR121 Module12 Channel10MPR121 Module ATL
Electronics DevelopmentCapacitive Touch SwitchTTP223B, 1 Switch5Capacitive Touch Switch ATL
Internet of Things & SensorIR Obstacle Avoidance Sensor ModuleLM393 Based10IR Sensor
Internet of Things & SensorTriple Axis MagnetometerGY-271, HMC5883L or similar5Triple Axis Magnetometer ATL
Internet of Things & SensorHumidity Sensor DHT 11DHT 11 or Module5Humidity Sensor DHT 11 ATL
Internet of Things & SensorMQ SeriesMQ4 Gas Sensor2MQ4 ATL
Internet of Things & SensorMQ SeriesMQ3 Gas Sensor2MQ4 ATL
Internet of Things & SensorMQ SeriesMQ7 Gas Sensor2MQ4 ATL
Internet of Things & SensorMQ SeriesMQ2 Gas Sensor2MQ4 ATL
Internet of Things & SensorMQ SeriesMQ135 Gas Sensor2MQ4 ATL
Internet of Things & SensorIR Transmitter Receiver TSOP1738 and IR LED5IR LED and TSOP 1738 ATL
Internet of Things & SensorUltrasonic SensorHC-SR0430Ultrasonic Sensor
Internet of Things & SensorTriple Axis AccelerometerGY-5215GY-521 ATL
Internet of Things & SensorPIR SensorHC-SR0110Motion Sensor
Internet of Things & SensorPulse Rate SensorHeart Pulse Sensor2Pulse Heart Rate Sensor ATL
Internet of Things & SensorRelay Module5V, Single Channel10Relay
Internet of Things & SensorSoil Moisture SensorAnalog3Soil Moisture Sensor ATL
Internet of Things & SensorCapacitive Touch SensorTTP224-4 Channel3Capacitive Touch Sensor 4 Channe;l ATL
Internet of Things & SensorMetal Touch SensorKY-0363Metal Touch Sensor ATL
Internet of Things & SensorRain Drop Sensor3Rain Drop Sensor ATL
Internet of Things & SensorFlex Sensor5Flex Sensor ATL
Internet of Things & SensorTemperature Sensor LM35LM3520Temperature Sensor
Internet of Things & SensorForce pressure Sensor(1.75x1.5") square or circluar2Force pressure Sensor
Internet of Things & SensorColor Recognition SensorTCS32002Color Recognition Sensor2 ATL
Internet of Things & SensorWater Flow Sensor0.3-6L/min1Flowmeter ATL
Internet of Things & SensorSound SensorKY-0375Sound Sensor ATL
Internet of Things & SensorIR sensor array4 sensor line sensor5IR sensor array ATL
Internet of Things & SensorPower Bank 10000MhzIntex5Power Bank 10000Mhz ATL
Internet of Things & SensorRFIDRC522 Sensor Module3RFID Sensor
Internet of Things & SensorRF Transmitter Receiver pair 315 MHz5RF Transmitter Receiver pair 315 MHz ATL
RoboticsStepper Motor wirh driver: ULN20035Stepper Motor wirh driver ULN2003 ATL
RoboticsDC Gear Motor 12V 150 RPM12DC Gear Motor 12V 150 RPM ATL
RoboticsMetal Servo MotorMG9954Metal Servo motor
RoboticsSmall Metal Servo MotorMG904MG90 ATL
RoboticsCountinous Servo MotorSG, 360 degree4Micrro Servo
RoboticsMicro Servo MotorSG90, 180 degree30Micrro Servo
RoboticsBO Motor6V, 150RPM, Dual or Single Shaft10BO Motor
RoboticsL298P Motor Driver5L298P Motor Driver ATL
RoboticsCCPM 3 Channel Servo Tester2CCPM 3 Channel Servo Tester ATL
DIY Kit4 Wheel Robotic Kit4Four Wheel Drive Robot ATL
DIY KitConstruction KitBLIX Amusement Park4
DIY KitDrone KitQ450 RC Quadcopter DIY Kit (6 propeller)1
DIY KitAerospace KitWater Bottle Rocket Launcher1
DIY KitAutomobile KitBLIX Gear Box
BLIX Power Screw
1Construction Kit ATL
DIY KitBio-medical Kit1000x 2MP 8 LED USB Portable Digital Microscope
Slide Box of 50 Prepared Slides
DIY KitAgritech Kitevive Agri Tech Kit1
DIY KitBio-tech Kitevive Bio-Tech Kit1
DIY KitWater/Sanitation KitWater Testing Kit:
This single kit includes all of the following water tests:
Lead Test, Bacteria Test, Pesticide Test, Iron, Copper, Nitrates & Nitrites, Chlorine Level, pH Levels Check, Alkalinity and Hardness
DIY KitOther potential STEM application kitevive2evive

Note: Components/kits at the time of delivery may vary from the image shown in the table.

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