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Atal Tinkering Lab P1 electronics package include various DIY kits which provide students exposure to various field of STEM education. Given below is the details of all the DIY kits offered by us for Atal Tinkering Labs:

DIY KitDescription of the KitProjects List QuantityImage
4 Wheel Robotic Kitevive four wheel drive robotics chasiss containing:
1 x Base Plate
4 x BO Motor
4 x BO Wheel
4 x Motor Stand
Fastener Set (Nuts and Bolts)
Four Wheel Drive Robot4Four Wheel Drive Robot evive
Construction KitBLIX amusement park is simple, ergonomic and easy to use construction kit for creativity and fun! Children can make many models/designs with the available 340+ pieces and have endless hours of fun!Children can build 7 documented model and many more model with this kit.4
Drone KitQ450 RC Quadcopter DIY Kit (6 propeller)Quadcoupter1
Aerospace KitThe kit include an Aquapod water bottle rocket launcher which is the most exciting and safest bottle launcher. This intriguing hobby toy requires no assembly and is ready to launch with the addition of a regular 2-liter plastic soda bottle and a bicycle pump. Using any ordinary pump, pressurize the Aquapod through the valve stem until the check valve inside the front leg releases pressure and water. Water Bottle Rockets1
Automobile KitThe kit includes:
1 x BLIX Gear Box
1 x BLIX Power Screw
10 Experiments on gear system
7 Models
1Construction Kit ATL
Bio-medical KitThe kit includes:
1 x 1000x 2MP 8 LED USB Portable Digital Microscope
1 x Slide Box of 50 Prepared Slides
Analysis of more than 40 slides of various plants and animals.1
Agritech KitThe kit includes various drip irrigation kits, sensors and actuators used in agriculture. Plant Monitoring System
Drip Irrigation System
Wirelessly Controlled Drip Irrigation
Automated Plant Watering System
Plant Lighting System
Measuring Soil pH
Harvesting energy from Solar Panel
Bio-tech KitThe kit includes various sensors and actuators.Test Your Strength
Monitoring Your Pulses
Height Measurement
Blind People Assistor
Breathe Analyzer
Visualizing Muscles Activity
Fingerprint Locker
Water/Sanitation KitWater Testing KitLead Test
Bacteria Test
Pesticide Test
Iron Test
Copper Test
Nitrates & Nitrites Test
Chlorine Level
pH Levels Check
Alkalinity Test
Hardness Test
Other potential STEM application kiteviveArduino Project Hub
Scratch Project Hub

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