Beta Function Generator

evive has a built-in 12-bit DAC using IC MCP4725 (IIC Address 0x60 or 0x62). It is controlled using IIC (or I2C) commands using Arduino MEGA with an output range of 0 to 5V. Many inbuilt functions to generate waves like sine, square, triangular or saw-tooth shapes are provided with the option to control amplitude between 0 to 5V and frequency up to a few hundred hertz. It’s limited to 8.5Hz ~ 500Hz. The user can set the desired output voltage and the desired frequency using potentiometer knobs.

evive function generator

evive Beta Function Generator
Figure: Beta Function Generator Sub-Menu.

Sine Wave

evive Function generator Sine Wave

Square Wave

evive Function Generator Square Wave

Triangular Wave

Triangular Wave

Saw-tooth  Wave

Saw-tooth Wave