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    Harry Jenkins


    I have just purchased BFD3 and a lot of Xpansions. I am installing them correctly, and even doing the different folder thing for each one as it suggests. It passes the Path thing and it is authorized. All seems well.
    The odd thing is, on a few of the xpansions a couple of the kits/presets won’t load. It gives me a little yellow symbol next to each drum sound.
    Now some of the kits in the same xpansion work. So this points to it sees the path and all is well. Also, if it is a folder thing, how come some of the other xpansions are working fine using the same method ?
    So what is going on here ? I spent a lot of good money on this set up and I had to stop installing them until I figure this out. Sorry, but a little upset. Can anyone please help ? I will attach a few screenshots so you can see the issue and my folder hierarchy and the fact that they are authorized and also correctly “pathed”. I am using a Thunderbolt 1Tb SSD as the content drive for all the xpansions. This system is fast. Its not the drive or system.

    Any help will be apprecited.

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    Thank you.

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