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    Harry Jenkins


    I put this question out there on the software help forum and got nothing, so I’m hoping somebody in the hardware forum will have an answer!I cannot get the Teensy LC to program correctly. I am very new to this and I know nothing about programming so I am very stuck. I have downloaded the latest version of arduino 1.8.4. I opened it and it opens correctly. I then downloaded the teensyduino software. At first I had some issues, but I disabled my antivirus and it allowed me to download it completely. I then run the arduino project that was written by Wermy. I changed the board to a Teensy LC and changed the USB type to keyboard+mouse+joystick. When I try to run the verify I get an error every time. The error is “Error compiling for board Teensy LC.” Can somebody please help me?

    Any help will be apprecited.

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    Thank you.

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