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    AlexAmery AlexAmery

    Hello all,

    if the problem size gets too big and doesn’t fit on the GPU I get an out-of-memory error thrown by the CUDA runtime along with a dump of lots of lines of text. In a commercial setting I would like to catch this error and print a shorter and more useful error message for the customer.

    What’s the best way of doing this in an OpenACC programm. Does the Cuda runtime throw a standard C++ exception that I can catch with a try/catch block?
    Obviously, it would be even better if the program could anticipate the memory requirements given the user setup and exit with a proper error message early on in the program execution, i.e. way before it exhausts the GPU memory, but unfortunately we are not there yet.

    Please help

    I didn’t find the right solution from the internet.

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    Thank you.

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