Home automation is a trending topic nowadays and automating over internet takes it to next level.

Automating any device over the internet provides you access to activate or deactivate from anywhere in the world when you are connected to the internet.

What do you need?


  • evive
  • ESP8266
  • WiFi router with internet connection
  • Android Phone


Data Flow


Data Flow defined in APP Inventor



Data flow to be implemented in evive


Android App Development


  • Goto MIT APP Inventor
  • Log in with your Google account
  • Create new project
  • Add two buttons
  • Add two web
  • When you add web buttons insert on and off link in URL
  • In blocks add button logic ( When pressed)
  • Now in button1 add call web1.PostFile with the path of web1.Url
  • Do same for button2
  • Under build menu save APK
  • transfer apk in your phone and install
  • Your APP is ready.


Arduino Software


  • Include ESP8266 library
  • Add your SSID and Password
  • Select Hostname as and Host Port as 80
  • Start WiFi at Serial3 and 115200 baud
  • Connect ESP with Access Point
  • Empty a buffer so it can store received data
  • Start TCP Connection
  • Transmit GET POST
  • Buffer starts filling with received data
  • Check data for turning on or OFF
  • Again empty a buffer.
  • Connect Relay to Pin defined in code
  • Check by sending data from the app and received on Arduino.