AgriTech Kit for Atal Tinkering Labs (ATL)

AgriTech Kit provide student different aspects of Agriculture and Technology by building projects like: Plant Monitoring System, Drip Irrigation System, Wirelessly Controlled Drip Irrigation, Automated Plant Watering System, Plant lighting system, Measuring Soil pH and Harvesting energy from Solar Panel.

Component List

Drip Irrigation Kit For 10 plants1
Water PumpWorking voltage: 12V
Power rating: 3W
Bluetooth ModuleHC051
Red Power LEDPower rating: 3W2
Blue Power LEDPower rating: 3W2
Light Dependent Resistor2
Temperature and Humidity SensorDHT111
Soil Moisture Sensor1
Resistor10 kOhm15
Jumper Cable20 cm, Male - Male20
Jumper Cable20 cm, Male - Female20
Jumper Cable20 cm, Female - Female20
Power AdapterVoltage output: 12V
Current Rating: 2A
pH Paper4*80 Strip Pack1

Project List

 Project NameProject DescriptionComponents
1Plant Monitoring SystemFor ensuring complete development of plants it is necessary to develop a proper surrounding conditions in which plants grow. In this project, you will monitor and track parameters like moisture in soil, humidity, temperature and light that affect plant growth using evive. Data of all the sensors is calculated and displayed on evive screen.Moisture sensor, Humidity and Temperature sensor, LDR, Resistors, Jumper Wires, evive
2Drip Irrigation SystemIn drip irrigation water is provided to plants drop by drop. This leads to wise use of water and also makes water reach the roots of plants. In this project you will learn how to develop a mini drip irrigation system in your garden.Drip Irrigation Kit
3Wirelessly Controlled Drip IrrigationIn the previous project you learned about drip irrigation system. In this project, you will control the system using your smartphone using Bluetooth module and evive. You will control the water-pump using your smartphone and thus controlling the watering of plants. Drip Irrigation Kit, Submersible Water Pump, Bluetooth Module, Jumper Wires, evive
4Automated Plant Watering SystemNot everyone has enough time to take care of their plant in most efficient way. Thus in the project, you will automate the plant watering system made in the previous project. Your evive will monitor the moisture of the soil using moisture sensor. Whenever the water shortage in the soil is detected, evive will start the pump until the soil has enough moisture in the soil.Drip Irrigation Kit, Submersible Water Pump, Moisture Sensor, Jumper Wires, evive
5Plant lighting systemTo provide proper amount of lighting to plants and to carry out projects like indoor gardening a plant lighting system is required, which you will make in this project. LDR sensors will be used to keep track on amount and according to that power LEDs are turned ON and the brightness is tuned. Red and blue color light are most suitable for plant growth. Hence red and blue LEDs are used.Red LED(3w), Blue LED(3w), LDR, Resistors, Jumper Wires, evive
6Measuring Soil pHSoils can be alkaline, neutral, or acidic. Most plants grow best in soil near neutral pH, but some plants prefer slightly acidic and others slightly alkaline soil. What is the pH of the soil in your garden? What happens to the pH of water that comes in contact with soil? In this project you will get to find out the pH value of the soil.pH Paper

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