BioTech Kit for Atal Tinkering Labs (ATL)

BioTech Kit provide student different aspects of technology in biology by building projects like: Test Your Strength, Monitoring Your Pulses, Height Measurement, Blind People Assistor, Breathe Analyzer, Digital Thermometer, Visualizing Muscles Activity and Fingerprint Locker.

Component List

EMG Sensor KitPower supply voltage: normally ±9V dual power supply
Minimum voltage is ±3.5V
Package included: 1 x EMG Sensor, 1 x EMG Cable, 3 x Disposable Surface Electrode
Optical Fingerprint Read SensorImage Capture Surface 15×11(mm)
Verification Speed: 0.2 sec
Scanning Speed: 0.3 sec
Character file size: 256 bytes
Template size: 512 bytes
Storage capacity: 1000
Resolution: 500 DPI
Voltage: 4.2-6V
Pulse OximeterMAX30100 has an integrated pulse optometry and heart-rate monitor sensor
It combines two LEDs, aphotodetector, optimized optics, and low-noise analog signal processing to detect pulse optometry and heart-rate signals.
Operating Voltage: 1.8 or 3.3V
Force SensorSensing Area: 0.5" diameter
MQ3Detects Alcohol, Benzine, Methane, Hexane, LPG and Carbon Monoxide 1
MQ2Detects Hydrogen gas, LPG, Methane gas, Alcohol, Smoke and Propane1
Ultrasonic SensorWorking Voltage: 5V(DC)
Static Current: Less than 2mA.
Output Signal: Electric frequency signal, high level 5V, low level 0V
Sensor Angle: Not more than 15 degrees
Detection Distance: 2 to 450 cm
Temperature SensorDS18B201
Resistor10 kOhm15
Resistor4.7 kOhm10
Jumper Wire20 cm, Male - Male20
Jumper Wire20 cm, Male - Female20
Jumper Wire20 cm, Female - Female20

Project List

 Project NameProject DescriptionComponents Required
1Monitoring Your PulsesIn this project, you will make a pulse monitoring device, which will monitor your pulse rate and also determines the amount of oxygen present in the body. Both the sensor data will be visualized on evive mini oscilloscope and value will be displayed on evive TFT display.Pulse Oximeter, Jumper Wires and evive
2Height MeasurementUsing an ultrasonic sensor height can be measured. Ultrasonic sensor is kept at a certain height above the ground level and time for reflected wave is recorded, at this point of time ground level acts as reflecting sensor. Now when a person stands below sensor the reflecting surface will be person’s head. Hence time for reflected wave measured will be less. Now with these two time values obtained height of person is calculated.Ultrasonic Sensor, Jumper Wires and evive
3Blind People AssistorIn this project, we will develop a obstacle detecting system using ultrasonic sensor and evive. It will provide proper guidance to blind people when they walk. Whenever there is an obstacle present, the buzzer present in evive will make sound altering the person about upcoming obstacle.Ultrasonic Sensor, Jumper Wires and evive
4Breathe AnalyzerIn this project, we will make two breathe analyzers: one is to check if anyone has smoked another is used to check if anyone has drunk alcohol.MQ2, MQ3 and evive
5ThermometerUsing waterproof temperature sensor and evive we will make a thermometer in this project. The temperature measured is displayed on evive screen.Temperature Sensor and evive
6Visualizing Muscles ActivityIn this project, we will visualize muscle strength and accordingly we will demonstrate how to control output modules with the EMG sensor.EMG Sensor Kit, Jumper Wires and evive
7Fingerprint LockerIn this project, we will make a locker which will be opened using fingerprint of authorized people only using fingerprint sensor.Fingerprint Sensor, Jumper Wires and evive

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