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Robotic Arm Kit [Add-on]

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Robotic Arm Kit is perfect for learning manipulators and robotics. You can build sketching robot and pick & place robot. The robotic arm can be programmed in Scratch, Arduino and Matlab.

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The Robotic Arm kit enables a multitude of possibilities- make your personal pick-and-place system or a sketching robot to draw your favourite cartoon character or make a candy sorter. Try to assemble the module yourself or take help of the instructions inside. Use evive’s menu based interface to control your creation or program it to automate the task.

Projects made with Robotic Arm Kit:

  • Controlling Servo Angle using evive Firmware
  • Controlling Servo Angle using Joystick in Arduino IDE
  • Robotic Arm with two servo motors
  • Controlling Gripper using Potentiometer
  • Sketching Robot
  • Pick and Place Robotic Arm
  • Pick and Place Robotic Arm with a “Twist”

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Weight 1000 g
Dimensions 230 x 170 x 70 mm