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STEM Safari | Summer Workshop


A workshop spanning 5 days that will cover the basic of electronics and  robotics by conducting 12 fun and interactive activities.

  • Number of Sessions: 5 
  • Session Duration: 1.5 Hrs
  • Number of Activities Performed: 12
  • Age Group: 8 – 17 Yrs
  • Workshop Location: Agilo Research, 215, Sahajanand Arcade, Nr Memnagar BRTS, Helmet Cross, Memnagar, Ahmedabad, Gujarat 380052

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Nothing but homework every summer? Not this time! Agilo Research brings to you:

STEM SAFARI: A 5-day long robotics workshop, that is the perfect opportunity for school kids to enter into the world of robotics and begin their journey of becoming future innovators. The workshop is designed for school kids in such a way that they have fun while learning and learn something beneficial while having fun. It aims at bringing the kids out of their regular learning atmosphere and take them to a world where learning isn’t something that they have to do; it is something that the want to do.

Why should your child attend this workshop?

  • Hands-on learning approach from Day 1
  • Fun while learning something worthwhile
  • Sowing the seed of curiosity that will grow into a fruitful tree in the coming years
  • Helping kids learn, create, and innovate with joy
  • Helping parents make the right investment in their child’s education
  • Safe and active environment
  • Opportunity to make new BFFs



  1. Meeting the safari superstar: Introducing evive, the heart and brain of every activity, and how it will make learning fun for children.
  2. The pillars of electricity:  Basics of voltage, current, and resistance.
  3. Activity 1: To conduct or not to conduct?: Determining which objects conduct electricity with the help of touch sensors. 
  4. Circuit making made simpler & glowing: Explaining the whats and hows of a breadboard and an LED.
  5. Activity 2: Light it up!: Making a simple circuit to light up an LED.
  6. Show us what you got: The effect of resistance in a circuit.
  7. Activity 3: Turn up the light!: Controlling the brightness of the LED by changing the resistance value.


  1. Poof! It’s ON. Poof! It’s OFF:  Explaining what tactile and slide switches are.
  2. Activity 4: Light it up! – Round 2:  Making a simple circuit to light up an LED using a tactile switch.
  3. Activity 5: Revealing the sliding secrets: Visualising the states of evive’s slide switch on its Pin State Monitor.
  4. Turn up the vol… Err, voltage: Explaining what a potentiometer is.
  5. Activity 6: Turn up the light! – Round 2: Controlling the brightness of the LED using a potentiometer.


  1. Tuning electricity into motion: Basics of a DC motor.
  2. Activity 7: Rotating art/Kids’ choice: Making a turntable or anything that the kids wish to.
  3. Activity 8: The source of electricity: Using the DC motor to generate power.
  4. Turning electricity into a more precise motion: Basics of a servo motor.
  5. Activity 9: Pick ‘n’ Place: Making a gripper and servo motor assembly to pick different objects up.


  1. Activity 10: A robot at the tap of a button: Making a robot that can be controlled using a smartphone.
  2. Activity 11: Let the race begin!: A race between all the robots made in the previous activity.


    1. Activity 12: Robo-Football: A football game with robots as players.
    2. Final goodbyes: Handing out the certificates followed by a group photo session.