In recent days temperature is crucial at certain places like industries and some of the process instrumentation rooms where human is not allowed to get inside.

This project demonstrates how evive can be used with ESP8266 and DHT11 to achieve this task.

ESP8266 is a WiFi module which can be used to transmit data to thingspeak which is a Free IoT platform.

DHT11 is a Temperature and Humidity sensor which can communicate with evive using single wire interface.

Using both of this at a time we need some of the Librabies listed below

To use thingspeak we have to create a channel on thingspeak and have to write API key in our Arduino sketch.

This Key can be private or public as per your application.

Example of temperature measurement on thingspeak using evive ESP8266 and DHT11


In this experiment, DHT11 is connected to pin 2 and esp 8266 is used