Components Required

Image Component Quantity Available in Kit
evive 1
HC05 Bluetooth Module 1
USB A-B Cable 1


evive can be used for wired communication as well as wireless communication. Wireless communication has more flexibility as compared to wired communication as it can be a mobile.

Bluetooth is a very basic wireless network which can be interfaced using Serial communication. Let us have some fundamental knowledge about Serial communication

HC06 Blurtooth Plugin

Serial Communication

Serial Communication transfers one bit at a  time so it has some speed of transmission called baud rate which is expressed in bits per second (bps). Widely used bauds are

  • 9600
  • 38400
  • 115200

Serial Communication has two wires named Tx and Rx (Transmitter and Receiver) they  are always cross connected  (Tx —> Rx and Rx —> Tx)

To set up Bluetooth we have to transmit a set of codes which are known as AT commands.

AT commands for any device can be found in the datasheet of a device.

AT commands are English like words which are most likely in CAPITAL letters and they respond in OK, Error or Answer.


In this example, we are using HC-05 Bluetooth 2.0 module, here we will setup a Bluetooth device by changing its Name, Password, Baudrate.

For this code to work Bluetooth should be in AT mode follow following instructions

  • Upload code to evive (DO NOT connect Bluetooth)
  • Turn off evive ( Remove cable and put power switch to OFF)
  • Insert Bluetooth
  • Press and hold the button on Bluetooth
  • Turn on evive and wait till pin 13 is HIGH
  • Now you can  find  Bluetooth  on any Bluetooth enabled devic
Note: You have to setup Bluetooth only ONCE and if you wish to change password change the code and follow instructions again


You can enter your own AT commands by uploading code given below and setup on Serial Monitor but the instructions will remain same for both of them.